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Cadillac Club Sweden
The most popular Cadillac Club in Sweden!

Välkommen till Cadillac Club Sweden! För att besöka våra svenska sidor, klicka här!

Cadillac Club Sweden (C.C.S) was founded in Stockholm, Sweden October 1993. Atfirst the club was ,erely a club for Cadillac enthusiast in the surroundings for our capilat Stockholm. But over the years our popularity grew and members from all over Sweden joined us so we became a nationwide Cadillac Club. 

Today we have about 1.700 members who all together own mor than 3.000 Cadillac cars. The purpose of the club is to maintain and take care of Cdillac automobiles in original condition and with suitable activities promote members and non members interest in Cadillac. 

Due to our high number of member we been able to negotiate great discounts on insurance, spare parts and lot more. 

We have meetings with cruising the first Saturday of every month from May to October and the Club arranges and visits more then 35 meetings and activities yearly from the south of Sweden to the north of Sweden. 

We have a Cadillac Club MAGAZINE in color with 4 issues yearle and an annual calendar featuring members cars. 


Our home page are regulary updated with activities, Cadillac news, and photos from meeteings. 

We are also administrating a Swedish Cadillac forum where you can disuss Cadillac related matters.

All this thanks to many committed members who devote their spare time to the club but most of all to maintain and take care of their Cadillac automobiles. 

Cadillac Club Sweden
Box 80
S-134 22  Gustavsberg

Tel: +46 8 715 06 00

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