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1939 Cadillac 7533 Nordberg 7-Passenger V-8 Convertible

1939 Cadillac 7533 Nordberg 7-Passenger V-8 Convertible
Owner: Anders Läck
Serial Number: 3291063
License Plate: HOC 126
State: Sweden
Rebodied? No

Body by Nordbergs Vagnfabrik, Stockholm

This car is an open 7-seated Cadillac first registered on May 13, 1939. At that time you could buy your Cadillac as "crated knocked down," which refers to export models boxed in component form for overseas deliveries. In 1939 there were 60 cars of the model 7533 exported. This car was taken care of by the special body builder firm Nordbergs Vagnfabrik in Stockholm, specialists in making fine special bodies on cars since 1901. In 1939, this was the only 7-seated Cadillac produced by Nordbergs, and was the world's largest convertible in one piece. Nordberg had a patent on the construction of folding tops. A spring weight placed in the trunk made moving the top easy with a simple hand movement. The car was delivered to the chairmen and director of Grangesberg, a large Swedish mining company at the time, Mr. Martin Waldenstrom. During WWII, the car was not in use, and was rarely driven after the war. When the current purchased the car, nearly twelve years ago, the odometer read 90,000 km. He is the third owner of the car.

The brothers Carl and Nils Nordberg are discussing a complicated solution fore a convertible.